"Happily Ever After May Require Some Wheels....

Ever since Cindarella's father died, Cindarella has been forced to lead a life of a so-called maid. To make matters worse, her stepmother isn't kind to her, and her stepsisters Jana and Louisa are vain and arrogant.

Even though Cindarella is diligent and has a beauty that surpasses that of her stepsister', she isn't entirely perfect.When an invitation to the royal ball arrives at her doorsteps, Cindarella gets a little deceitful and decides to conceal it from her stepmother and stepsisters. But Cindarella's desire to attend the ball has nothing to do with her interest in the price at all.

She longs to experience the world outside, curious to know how being in a ball fells like. But when her stepmother finds out about Cinderella's deception, she is enraged, and locks Cinderella up in her room on the day of the ball. Cinderella may not live happily ever after. But on that very night, something magical happens, Cinderella's life may be transformed....forever. "

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